What are health plans?

What are health plans?

Preventative health care plans help clients to spread the cost of routine products and services, such as pet vaccinations and worming, over regular monthly payments. They are not the same as pet insurance plans, which cover costs in the event of unexpected illness and injury.

Pet healthcare plans encourage owners to keep on top of their pet’s essential health requirements, while helping veterinary practices to improve compliance and develop longstanding relationships with their clients.

With cheaper alternatives to prescription products being more readily available on the high street, preventative health plans are also a great way to ensure owners visit vets for treatments and continue to give their pet the best possible care.

In the UK, a typical plan would include annual vaccinations, half-yearly health checks, flea, tick and worm treatment - but this is your practice, your clients and your local competition, so you have the autonomy to choose what components go into your plan.

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