What Vets say about Premier Pet Care Plan

What Vets say about Premier Pet Care Plan

We’re working with more vets, in more countries, every year – vets who are enjoying the benefits that Premier Pet Care Plan brings to their practice.

“We have had very positive feedback from customers who like the structure of a simple monthly fee, which takes care of all routine health care and removes the headache of deciding what they can and can't afford.

Premier Pet Care Plan has helped improve compliance enormously as customers are keen to ensure they get the most out of the plan and so their pets are getting more care and treatment than they might otherwise.”

Daina Fearon
RVN – Abbeyfields Veterinary Centre

“Premier Pet Care Plan was tailored to our practice’s needs... It has helped us retain clients and improve cash flow. Compliance on vaccinations and flea & worming treatments has improved through implementation of Premier Pet Care Plan and is now at 90%.

We have seen an increase in new clients as a result of the scheme, and existing clients remain bonded.”

Mark Hallam
BVetMed, MRCVS, Partner – Hallam Veterinary Centre

We started researching pet healthcare plans in mid-2015 and, after meetings with a few providers, we decided that Premier Pet Care Plans were the plans we wanted to move forwards with. The Premier Sales Manager assisted us by breaking down the pricing structure of the core elements within the plans. We launched the plans at the end of September 2015, after in-house training had been provided and the staff were ready to discuss the plans with clients.

Since then, I have found the post-launch support very good, especially through Ashley and his team in the office. They are always at the end of the phone for any questions I may have - and believe me, I ask many! This service was further improved when Julia, the Support Manager, joined the team and started to work with me and the rest of my staff at the surgery. 

One thing both myself and the staff particularly liked was the 6-month review of what we had experienced with the plans; and a chance to go through everything with Julia again, face-to-face. She has been a great point of contact and has ensured that the staff are fully trained and comfortable to discuss Premier Pet Care Plans with our clients.

Claire Ormerod
RVN and Practice Manager – Shuttleworth Veterinary Group

“Prior to signing up with PVA, we had run a pet healthcare plan, which was never very successful. When we launched with PVA, we were allocated a Practice Support Manager who has been a constant source of encouragement in helping the Practice to grow its pet healthcare plans.

She regularly contacts the Practice with ideas and progress reports, and is never too busy to come in to train new staff or do refresher training with existing members. It is a fact that, without her persistence, due to internal factors, our pet healthcare plan might have folded some time ago.

On a more personal level, our Practice Support Manager is able to relate to staff and myself. She talks our language and understands the issues we sometimes come up against. She is not averse to using persuasive tactics to get us motivated, and the results speak for themselves. We now have more than 1,000 clients signed up to our plans.”

Angus Kirk
Kirks Vets

The reasons I chose to work with Premier Vet Alliance are their consistency in delivering a strong pre-plan analysis, great service and valuable training; with fantastic aftercare support and follow-up. They help you to understand your existing client base, what you currently achieve from it - and a structured approach to pricing which is thought through and analysed in great detail. For example - out of my existing client base, the average purchase for flea treatment was 2.2 times per year.

Through working with James, I was able to confidently price my plan to allow for clinical freedom and a revenue. I was supported throughout the whole process - from design, marketing, input and structure to team training.

Since launching 10 months ago, we have nearly 20% of our active clients on plan. That’s over 1,200 clients. The admin team provide exceptional support and enable me to keep records and payments up-to-date. I am now looking forward to the next 10 months. My advice to other practices is to keep your plans simple, with clinical freedom, and to understand how your PMS system can support you.

Emma Smith
Practice Manager – Runnymede Hill Veterinary Hospital

"Having a great Pet Care Plan is important to us to enhance the services we give to our clients and their owners. Our previous VIP Plan was complicated and not very client friendly. PVA – Premier Pet Care Plan - understood the importance of having a great Care Plan & gave us a structure to work with making the whole process simple.  They spent time with us discussing our ideas so we could decide on a Care Plan suitable for our clients, their owners and the business. Once the Care Plan was finalised Julia spent 2 days in the Practice prior to launch day training the team so they were comfortable speaking to owners. Julia also attended our launch day to support the team and generally help on the day.

6 weeks after launch day we have seen a 25% increase in membership from our old more complicated VIP Plan and the client feedback has been very positive. Julia is always available to speak to us if we need any help and the PPCP Admin Team managing the direct debits are also helpful on the telephone.  Whilst I will be seeing Julia for our 6 months review she has also popped in just to check everything is all right which the Team really appreciate.

Altogether, working with PVA has been a great experience & I look forward to working with them as our membership grows."

Gill Tansey
Practice Manager – Aireworth Vets

"We decided to set up a pet healthcare plan and were recommended to Premier Vet Alliance by a colleague. After many hours of brainstorming, as we wanted our plan to be fair and transparent, we are very pleased with our packages. We have now been with the company for over a year and have been very impressed with the on-going support. Any issues have been sorted very quickly and the numbers on the scheme increase monthly. We are very happy with the support we have been given and are delighted we took the time to tailor the plans to our clients’ needs. "

Ann Owen
Prospect House Vet Clinic

“PVA has brought a new lease of life to our pet health plan. Our previous plan was too complicated, making it difficult for staff to buy into – and subsequently, they were uneasy promoting it to clients.

PVA has worked with us to develop our own plan that is beneficial for both us and our clients. The support we have received has been great, our flea and worming compliance has dramatically increased, and we are benefiting from significantly increased client contact and spend.”

Sarah Solomon
Heath Veterinary Clinic

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