Benefits to your veterinary practice

Benefits to your veterinary practice

We know that the pressures of running a profitable business can sometimes take you away from your clinical duties. Premier Pet Care Plan helps vets to be vets. By offering a simple, affordable solution to help clients meet essential pet healthcare needs, and removing much of the administrative burden from you, we can let you get on with doing what you do best.

Every Premier Pet Care Plan comes with full training and ongoing support, including the best consumer-focused marketing and promotional materials, making it as easy as possible to keep clients happy and pets healthy.

See clients more regularly

Scheduling regular appointments naturally means you’ll have more opportunities to see owners and pets more often. This helps you to build better relationships with your clients and build loyalty. 

Keep pets healthy

We all know the best way to prevent illness and disease is through a commitment to parasite control and yearly vaccinations. Premier Pet Care Plan makes it easy for clients to keep on top of essential treatments with low-cost pet care, helping you improve compliance. 

Help more pets every year

With regular promotions and incentives, Premier Pet Care Plan is always coming up with ways to keep clients happy. We will continue to work with you to keep existing pets on plan and increase the number of owners signing up each year. 

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