Frequently Asked Questions

How can the practice keep the price of the plan down?FAQ toggle

PPCP provides practices with the ability to talk about ‘Gold Standard’ at an affordable price. The plan is not about ‘cheap’ but is about allowing the practice to retain their clinical beliefs, providing the best possible care for less.

How do I know running a plan will work?FAQ toggle

You don’t, but what you can do is mitigate against the chances of running an underachieving plan by working with a provider who has a track record of working closely with practices to run successful plans.

How many people can we expect to sign up to the plan?FAQ toggle

This can vary from practice and depends largely on the commitment of the practice. We work with practices to achieve between 30-40% of active clients signed up to the plan, over a three year period.

How much time will it take up? Everyone is already too busy.FAQ toggle

We have perfected a very successful way of making the whole experience for staff and clients as simple as possible. There is a certain level of work and time required to run a successful plan, but we believe the benefits clearly justify the time.

Is a wellness plan the same as pet insurance?FAQ toggle

No, they are different. With pet insurance, you pay for coverage you may never use. But with Premier Pet Care Plan, clients are provided with all the recommended preventative pet care they have paid for.

Our compliance rates are already really goodFAQ toggle

PPCP is not just about compliance, it’s about seeing more of your clients more often, which helps you plan the future direction of the practice.

We don’t like to pressure our clients into “buying” things.FAQ toggle

We have perfected a very successful ‘non-sales’ technique which our experienced trainers will teach your staff, so that they and the client don’t feel it is yet another sales pitch.

What happens when a client cancels their Direct Debit after one or two payments?FAQ toggle

The average monthly cancellation rate is 2.55 % of the total Pets on Plan. There are 3 Reasons for cancellation: 1. Move house, 2. Demise/Death of pet holder or vet, 3. Pet owner cancels plan. The practice have a unique and important relationship with each client, which we don’t wish to jeopardise and, therefore, we leave you to manage the cancellation and outstanding amounts, if any, on a case by case basis.

Will it be easy for our clients to sign up?FAQ toggle

It's very simple. Each client completes a form that captures their address and bank account details, as well as brief details of each pet they want to include on the plan.

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