Elands Veterinary Clinic, Kent

Elands Veterinary Clinic, Kent

“In 9 long years, Elands Vets in Kent only managed to get 189 pets on their preventative healthcare plan. Within just 14 months of switching to Premier Pet Care Plan, this increased to 460 pets on plan.” 

Elands Veterinary Clinic, near Sevenoaks in Kent, offer first opinion care for all domestic pets, from dogs and cats to birds and exotic animals. They have three full-time veterinary surgeons on staff, supported by a team of nurses, receptionists, referral specialists and a Practice Manager.

Following on from their motto: ‘It’s not just the knowing, it’s the caring that counts’.

The clinic was keen to help clients spread the cost of Gold Standard routine care and encourage compliance in preventative treatments such as vaccinations, flea control and worming.

They quickly launched their own wellness plan. However, without the necessary marketing support and promotional materials in place, incentive to ‘sell’ the scheme was low and interest waned. Over a period of 9 years, their Practice Plan had only attracted 189 pets to the plan from their active client database.

After a visit from Premier Pet Care Plan, the team understood how easily a plan could be put into place, with full training and exceptional support. They also felt comfortable communicating the benefits to clients as there was no ‘hard-sell’. Instead, they could see our commitment was the same as theirs – to offer pets the very best care.

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